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Red wine?

League and wine sounded like a really good idea. But my red wine sucks. Its a cabernet sauvignon. Anyone have any recommendations for a good red wine thats like…fruitier or sweeter?

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How to fix a broken eyeshadow!!

I have a more in-depth tutorial on this process on my YouTube channel:

*Break up the remaining powder eyeshadow
*Pour in some IPA (alcohol 99%) and mix to a paste
*Cover with some fabric or tissue, and press down on the eyeshadow pan using something of a similar size; this will soak up any surplus IPA and leave a nice print on top of the eyeshadow
*Leave for a couple of hours to dry out!

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Just take a look at Dean’s face here. For a moment he looks to the right (from his perspective) and it’s like all he can think is “oh god what would I do without him?” he’s panicking and Dean NEVER panics. He loves Castiel and no one can break this ship because it sails itself.

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